Maximo Laura
SAMAY Latin Art offers high quality art like tapestries, sculptures, paintings carvings and jewelry.
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Maximo Laura


Maximo Laura, born from the depth of the Wari culture, inherits the traditional style of the ancient weavers called cumbimayocs. Both his parents and grandparents, master weavers from Ayacucho, watched wisely and attentively over him as he practiced from childhood. With a long trajectory and many beautiful pieces, Maximo is one of our foremost weavers. Not only has he introduced iconography of our ancient cultures into his tapestry, but has also fused fiber and design skillfully, three strategic aspects in textile art. The fiber is alpaca wool and cotton.


Respectful researcher of our ancestors’ genuine colors, he has found and revealed some of the secrets in their colors and fibers. But where he really stands out is in the use of design. Maximo has not stopped at the weaver´s direct and personal action at the loom. For him, weaving is not the unfolding of direct action but a breaking point in its conceptual order.