Juana Llore
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Juana Llore


Juana Lloré is an Ecuadorian Artist living and working near Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She is the creator of a new wave of beautiful and unique ceramic art with a touch of softness and finesse.

She works with the techniques of Raku and Crystalline Glaze that gives each piece a unique finish, turning them into magnificent works of art.

Juana works in her pottery studio, where her sculptures are created with passion of her own hands, working with homemade clay and the use of furnaces.

Raku style is an ancient Japanese technique, applied specially to pottery used for traditional tea ceremonies. In the process of creating these pieces, they are double fired. In the first firing she bakes the clay to 1000°C (1832°F), and the second firing is completed out of the oven to give the piece a touch of glaze.

The Crystalline Glaze method involves long hours of baking in which the piece are gradually exposed to high temperatures of 1280°C (2336°F) during which crystals grow in unpredictable and unusual shapes and sizes.