Maximo Laura

Máximo Laura, born from the entrails of the Wari culture, inherits the traditional style of fine ancient weavers called cumbimayocs. Both his parents and grandparents, master weavers from Ayacucho, watched wisely and attentively over him as he practiced from childhood. With a first class trajectory and many beautiful pieces, Máximo is one of our foremost weavers. Not only has he introduced iconography of our ancient cultures into his tapestry, but has also fused fiber and design skillfully, three strategic aspects in textil art.

Respectful researcher of our ancestors´genuine colors, he has found and revealed some of the secrets in their colors and fibers. But where he really stands out is in the use of design. Laura paints without painting, dominating codes that blend into a composition of fibers magically entwined by the incantation of his forms.

His tapestries become pieces of art in the same way as paintings. His codes will not repeat themselves; nor will they have a geometric order. Máximo has many stories to reveal. War cries, brave felines and birds and mountain songs live in his mind, ever since his questions unravelled in history books and in the myths and tales in his grandparents´ voices.

The artist seeks inspiration in the source that has fed the muscle as well as the emotions of countless generations of “Intipamakin” who, 3000 years ago, started the art of weaving in the magic Andean heights. He surpasses traditionalism, however, through the conscious and spontaneous use of the elements needed to form the final product: weaving tools, materials and accessories, the invention of new production techniques and the research on unprecedented chromatic patterns. Through this, he outgrows his Andean roots towards complete technical mastery and free creation: the construction of optical poems which legitimate his art as authentic, deep and personalized.

The “gold” produced by his hands is more than just artistic talent: it is consciousness of the Inca solar treasure, which he raises as a much up-to-date light in the restless night of our Latin America.

By Victor Escalante and Mario Margutti

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