Nina Lempenauer


In her artistic practice, the artist Nina Lempenauer deals with the translation of yearnings and desires and the life-feeling of her own generation, which she certainly also considers as a cliché, in painting. With detailed painterly implementation the artist lends slowness and meaning to phenomena, such as fast-paced life and the expression of feelings through emoticons.


By using the ASCII code, a 7-bit character encoding for digital information exchange, she creates a contemporary painting that also has features of impressionism and pointillism. Instead of colors, however, different forms of ASCII characters make out the contours of the objects. Similar to the Neo-Impressionists, the overall picture is made out of many regularly arranged small pieces, which from a certain distance visually melt into a single figure in front of the eye. Cultural codes of various kinds and origins are thus recombined and meaningfully continued.


Nina Lempenauer graduated 2018 at HFBK Hamburg from the class of Anselm Reyle. The artist currently lives and works in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galápagos.