Miguel Illescas

Esculturas, Pinturas

Every Culture has its own identity and Ecuador is no an exception with its mix of American, European and African influences. Miguel Illescas has refined his own artistic identity in the Ecuadorian fire and the Latin-American forge.
While celebrating Ecuador´s rich culture, we are deeply concerned with the disappearance of our natural resources.

Artist Statement:

In my Galapagos series, I affirm the principle that one can enjoy the range of animal life which our tropical islands and jungles offer without violating nature. The art work attempts to capture the magic and mystery of natural processes which made evolution take place here in a unique way.

Every day in my studio I work to find the magical combination of color, texture, movement, pose and anatomy which enliven otherwise inert materials. I also try to transcend the figurative to discover the symbolic and ancestral meaning of the figures. Sometimes as I put the recycled materials together using modern production techniques, I find something new which expands my vision of the universe.

My hope is that each art piece sparks a silent conversation with the viewer, inspiring appreciation for the specifics of the animal form and awe for the meaning of life.